Touch This – A Look at Toque Profundo

They are the Sons of Dominican Rock and Roll. The torchbearers of a rich musical history, in a country were Jimi Hendrix and a shoe shine boy are on equal footing, Toque Profundo has been the rebellious embodiment that is the Rock and Roll experience. Their sound, founded on the earlier works of artists such as the late Luis “El Terror” Dias, came to define a generation in the shadows of strong hand leader, Joaquin Balaguer.

There has been a lot of buzz generated around the web about Google’s self-driving car experiments.  But how would these vehicles function in real life, especially if other tech giants decided to give them a try?  The Joy of Tech has an answer.

Making Movies and Negotiating Obscenities

Prior to it’s theatrical release in 1975.  ”Monty Python and The Holy Grail” was privately screened before a member of  the British Board of Film Classification (in charge of movie ratings). Producer Mark Forstater sent the following  letter to co-producer Michael White notifying him of the changes they needed to make in order to get a lower (and as such more commercial) rating.

Not sure what flavor it is and what Marvel and DC  think about this little intermingling but we don’t care.  It looks awesome and we want a slice!

If you think you are looking at a collection of impressionist artwork, look more closely. Believe it or not these are actually photos of trees reflected in the ripples of a river.

Denis Collette a 63 year old graphic designer from Quebec, Canada has been taking these for quite some time and has thousands of images in his photographic studies of a nearby countryside river.