Douglas Adams: Parrots, The Universe and Everything

This is a lecture by the great Douglas Adams at University of California not long before his death. Yes, yes I know – “the video is a bloody hour and a half!”, I hear you cry. But if you can manage to carve out that much time out of your day, you really should see this. Actually it’s even a time saver, because if you went and watched a nature documentary for 90 minutes and then a comedy for another 90 it would take you twice the time, and here it’s effortlessly merged into one.

The Boob Jiggler

So here is a Chinese infomercial which, it seems, is trying to convince us that jiggling womens breasts will somehow get them to grow – by a process which apparently stops boobs from seeping into the stomach and instead makes the brains flow down to fill up the cleavage. No doubt fun to watch, but certainly complete hogwash as far as science goes.

Still, I firmly believe that even while this invention may do nothing to increase breast size, if it catches on it may bring about world peace.

The Anatomy of a Toy: The Screwed-up Art of Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny is a ridiculously talented designer that likes to show us what it would look like if you ripped the skin off of some of our favorite cartoon and video game characters. It’s a very interesting study into anatomy and general screwed-upness. It is also quite awesome.

Panography is a photo merging technique that’s a close cousin to panoramic photography. But whereas panoramic photography relies on a strict grid to create one huge image, Panography uses a “scattered” structure where the pictures aren’t taken in a neat sequence from a tripod, but instead usually hand-held and seemingly without any order whatsoever.

Looks like Anonymous done goofed and pissed off The Demon himself, Gene Simmons.

If you have no idea what any of that meant, you may be one of the lucky delicate internet virgins that haven’t heard of Anonymous. They are a loosely-knit group of hackers and internet mischief-makers that frequent one of the last bastions of anarchy and true anonymity on the internet, 4chan. Between swapping child porn and creating internet memes they put on their tights and fight injustice on the web.