Bad Payback

While I usually play slots just for the fun of it, not everyone sees the “pure slots fun” light. For some, playing the slots is on a hope that they’ll hit that giant jackpot. Slots offer a dream ending to many people’s nightmares. They offer a hope of the big score with no real effort, no major knowledge needed and no real sweat broken – the true American dream! So just pull the handle or press the button and for many, the dream is that their picture will soon be up on a wall with a big smile, with a huge oversized check and smiling casino executives standing by their site.

Take it from me though, while it should be a minor priority to hit it big and be able to retire early, you should really seek pure slots fun – pulling the handle or pressing the button for the fun off it. I suggest this approach simply because the casino owners recognize that row after row of these machines is almost certain to guarantee them net profit. Why? Simply because with so many people playing, some will win, but the great majority will end up losing or breaking even. So it’s important that you recognize this and try to maintain some level of fun in your actions as you seek the big money.

Not trying to be a party-pooper or a dream-buster but I find it’s much easier on the heart when you just think of the fun and forget about not walking out with a $5M check.