A Vote For Realistic Slots

Gambling online has come to be second most important to me, that is after gambling in Vegas. So when I gamble online, I like really realistic slots. Slots that give you the look, feel and even sounds as if you were in Vegas itself, kicking back, feeling the vibe and putting down a few bucks here and there in the slots.

Slots are only realistic in my view if:

  1. he sounds are there. The cha-ching. The ring. The ching ching ching when I win
  2. The look is as real as it can get. From the reels to the handle to how it lights up when you win
  3. The speed (spinning reels) is fast and in tune with the sounds, lights and everything else

Now I’ll just do a pretty shameless plug and say that my free slots are possibly the most realistic slots that you can find online. Click the image to the right near the top to try out Fat Tony’s free slots. If you’ve got Macromedia Shockwave already installed on your PC, you won’t need to download anything in order to play. I didn’t create these games myself. Gameinacan.Com were kind enough to give them away for free, and in my view they’re simply amazing. If you don’t use Microsoft Windows, I’m afraid I can’t necessarily guarantee that these free games will work for you. For sure, these free slots will not function properly for WEB-TV and MAC users. Anyhow, if you have any problems whatsoever, e-mail me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.